The Safer Than Safe Sunscreen

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Are you ready to rock with 3rd Rock Sunscreen?
Total UV Protection, Totally Natural, Totally Great for Your Skin!

You might want to sit down, because we’re about to change everything.

Actually, don’t sit. Don’t you dare! Run in the sand, slide on the grass, climb a mountain and barrel headfirst through the snow! Grab the kids and the dog, pack a bag, pack a lunch, crack a book and a beverage or cut out for brunch. Whatever you do, make an excuse to do some of it outside!

With 3rd Rock, you can!

Welcome to the world’s best patented sunblock that uses only food grade ingredients so it’s safe for the whole family, and which offers unsurpassed UV protection you won’t find in any other comparable sun care product.

This is what we at HoneyColony term Simply Transformative, a product that has transformative potential for our health and wellness. Removing unacceptable levels of toxins from the everyday foods we consume, and products we use carries the potential of redefining the quality of life. It’s time to do this with sunscreens. One in five Americans will have skin cancer, and UV rays are not the only reason.

Traditional sunscreens are laden with toxic chemicals and hormone-wrecking endocrine disruptors – while they also fail to cover full UVA/UVB range protection against the sun’s harsh rays. 3rd Rock offers a naturally non-allergenic and non-comedogenic protectant you can wear all day, whether you’re ardently catching some waves or calmly catching a few Z’s.

  • Fact #1
    Your skin is your second tongue and your largest organ. According to research, the skin absorbs an average of 64 percent of the total contaminant dosage. (Brown et al. 1984 May; 74(5): 479–484).
  • Fact #2
    The Environmental Working Group estimates that 98 percent of Americans have sunscreen ingredients their blood.
  • Fact #3
    Incidences of melanoma in both men and women are rising drastically despite all these commercial sunscreens?
  • Fact #4
    The David Suzuki Foundation reports that 75 to 90 percent of personal care products, including sunscreens, likely contain parabens. This hormone-disruptor has been linked to malignant melanoma, breast cancer, and a host of other serious complications.
  • Fact #5
    One in five Americans will have skin cancer during their lifetime (Robinson, JK. Sun exposure, sun protection, and vitamin D. JAMA 2005; 294:1541-43). That is simply unacceptable, especially when the culprit is not only the sun, but the “protection” you’re using against it!

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