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America’s Safest Sunscreen: 3rd Rock SPF 35+

All-natural, edible UVA/UVB protection


3rd Rock: America’s Safest Sunscreen

Why is 3rd Rock America’s safest sunscreen? Well, for one thing, the original formula of Dr. Guerry Grune’s 3rd Rock Sunblock Lotion SPF 35 is formulated exclusively from food-grade, edible sunscreen ingredients. Consequently, it prevents skin damage caused by both the sun and the toxic synthetic compounds included in a long list of sunscreen ingredients to avoid.

In fact, like any traditional sunblock lotion, 3rd Rock SPF 35 offers UVA protection, and it prevents aging, wrinkling and skin cancer as well, if not better, than synthetic-based sunscreens. It does so by preventing the nuclear damage to cell DNA that causes mutation and, eventually, cancer because it blocks UVA and UVB rays, rather than only blocking UVB rays like many standard sunscreens.

What’s more, 3rd Rock Sunblock is the safest sunscreen on the market because it is the only alkaline sunblock currently available. As such, it does not disrupt the endocrine system or alter the body’s hormonal balance. Research shows cancer cells only develop in acidic environments and die altogether in alkaline ones. This means that 3rd Rock Sunblock’s alkaline pH is specifically balanced to kill off mutated cell before they become cancerous.

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What Makes 3rd Rock America’s Safest Sunscreen?

  • Not tested on animals
  • Provides UVA andUVB Protection, making it the safest sunscreen
  • Alkaline pH kills cancer cells before they form
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Made entirely with edible sunscreen ingredients
  • Environmentally safe, biodegradable, sustainable, non-synthetic and hypoallergenic
  • Formulated for so no sunscreen ingredients break down
  • SPF 35

What are the purpose of these ingredients in your sunscreen: xanthan gum, beta glucan, and gamma oryzanol?

Gamma oryzanol is rice bran extract which boosts SPF in our product to over 35 and is a strong antioxidant which is used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass.

Xanthan gum is thickening agent that also has cytoprotective properties for skin cells.

Beta Glucan is also a very powerful antioxidant which quenches free radicals produced by the UV light from the sun on your skin.

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Be Advised: 3rd Rock Sunblock poses no threat if ingested. However, 3rd Rock, HoneyColony and Simply Transformative do not suggest 3rd Rock Sunblock be ingested; as a sunblock, it is not intended as foodstuff, nor should it be treated as such. 3rd Rock, HoneyColony and Simply Transformative make no warranty of 3rd Rock Sunblock’s edibility except that if small amounts of the product are accidentally ingested such will not be fatal. 3rd Rock, HoneyColony and Simply Transformative, therefore, warn the user against eating 3rd Rock Sunscreen or using it as a replacement for traditional foodstuffs in any way; indeed, if ingested regularly at the levels inherent to a ration or foodstuff, the contents of a bottle of 3rd Rock Sunblock might have negative impacts on your health. (In other words, people, use some common sense and don’t eat your sunscreen for dinner, duh!)