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The Ultimate Superfood

A Natural Antimicrobial

Add energy to your day, promote weight loss, combat viruses, suppress allergies, and promote total body health.

Energize Mind, Body and Soul


Equilibrium Energy Superfood is HoneyColony’s own special blend of organic and wildcrafted ingredients — cultivated with the highest standards to bring you high-vibing energy with every serving.

Equilibrium Energy Superfood is the evolution peak of superfoods. If you find a better mix, we’ll give your money back.

Add energy to your day, promote weight loss, combat viruses, suppress allergies, and promote total body health with Equilibrium Energy Superfood’s three-pack. Get three 2.3 oz jars for easy travel and storage in all your favorite places at a great discount.

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At the core of this superfood is raw honey. From there, 11 other superfoods are added — each one organic or wildcrafted, potent, and boasting its own numerous health benefits. Combined, these 12 ingredients bring harmony to a life filled with stress, toxins, and negative energy.

Equilibrium Energy Superfood is made in small batches to ensure high quality, exact measurements, and consistency in every jar. To ensure our product never loses integrity, we use high-quality Biophotonic jars that only let sunlight in to improve the substances in each formula.

Equilibrium Energy Superfood is ideally designed for athletes or anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Through naturally stimulating the nervous system, enhancing brain function, supporting muscle relief, and providing anti-inflammation support, each jar will keep you in the energy zone. For those of us who seize life in its whirlwind of activity, Equilibrium Energy offers the support to never feel sluggish mentally or physically, midday or at the end of the day when you need time for yourself.

Equilibrium superfood benefits

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What Customers Have to Say

"I have had knee pain since 2005 and I’ve had three knee surgeries. I started to take Equilibrium in the morning and in the evening, and about the third day I started to really notice the difference in the pain relief and I continued taking [it]. Now I run about 5 miles a day with no pain what so ever."

Carlie B

"For 7 years I have suffered from an inflammatory digestive issue. A friend got me some Equilibrium, within 48 hours on this product the heartburn, cramping and indigestion that had become a daily challenge had subsided to almost nothing. Equilibrium is a godsend!!!"

Jason M.

"I began using Equilibrium in April and within weeks had already experienced amazing results in various parts of my system. Among other things, my age spots have begun to disappear. My joints felt more flexible and a slight chronic pain in one of my knees disappeared."

B.C. L.

All about our Equlibrium Superfood

Health Benefits

  • Active Natural Prebiotics – Where probiotics introduce external bacteria, prebiotics help support and fertilize already active bacteria in the colon. This offers all the benefits of probiotics, while also increasing fiber consumption, increasing resistance to pathogens, preventing gastrointestinal infections, and promoting overall well-being.
  • Phytoplankton – Phyotplankton is rich in trace elements and micro-nutrients, making it one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet. This helps support cell regeneration, repair DNA, reduce inflammation, boost immune system response, combat free radicals, and support organ, muscle, and joint function.
  • Blue Algae – Throughout Aztec and African history, blue algae has been consumed for its many health benefits. In modern medicine, blue algae aids in heavy metal detoxing, cardiovascular disease prevention, and weight management.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms – Mushrooms have played a key role in ancient Chinese medicine. They have been shown to support anti-inflammatory, and antiviral responses. In addition, they allow for better diabetes management.
  • Double- Directory Adaptogenic Herbs – Adaptogenic herbs rebalance our body when we’re faced with environmental stressors, toxins from the food we eat, or stress from toxic people. They help stimulate the nervous system for a boost of energy without negative stimulant side effects.
  • ORMUS – Ormus is an element-rich substance that was discovered in 1975.  A few of its many suggested health benefits include boosting immune function, increasing energy and strength, supporting healthier sleep, enhancing mood, improving brain function, and promoting healthy pH balance.
  • Ginger – Ginger is revered for its numerous health benefits. It has been shown to suppress allergic reactions, decrease muscle discomfort, provide menstrual pain relief, enhance cognitive processing, offer anti-inflammation support, and inhibit oral bacteria growth.
  • Organic Turmeric – Turmeric has been used for over 4,000 as a spice and medicinal herb. Its medicinal abilities include supporting anti-inflammation, destruction of bacteria membranes, and immune system enhancement.
  • Organic Highland Honey – Organic honey helps neutralize toxins, relieves pain, treats coughs better than drugs, and is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory. Organic honey comes straight from the beehive, as opposed to supermarket honey, which often has zero pollen and is heat-treated to refine or alter the properties or flavor (strained, pasteurized, ultra-filtered, and others). Humans have been using honey for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Ayurvedic practices in India, for example, claim that honey affects all three primitive material imbalances in the body. And honey’s relatively high acidity (pH level of 3.2 to 4.5) prevents the formation and growth of various bacteria, but when combined with human saliva, becomes alkalizing.
  • Bee Pollen – Contains over 5,000 enzymes and co-enzymes, making it one of the most complete naturally occurring foods. Bee pollen is rich in B complex vitamins and contains vitamins A, C, D, E, selenium, lecithin, and phytochemicals. It is rich in antioxidants and is a natural appetite suppressant, antibiotic, and anti-allergy.
  • Bee Propolis – Bee propolis is used by bees to repair and sanitize their hives. As a superfood, it works to support anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties.
  • Royal Jelly – This is the exclusive nourishment of queen bees. It is fed to all larvae in a bee colony and is produced by the glands of worker bees. Bees of the sexual caste are distinguished from worker drones in a hive or colony primarily through differential feeding. Cited benefits include skin treatment, alleviation from the adverse effects of menopause, treatment for asthma and high cholesterol.