Do you ship Hemp to Canada?

All orders to Canada will be placed on hold as we cannot ship Hemp products without documentation. As noted from Health Canada:

The production, processing and sale of this substance continues to be a licensed activity. The import or export of CBD requires a permit from the Minister of Health. Import or export permits are only available for medical or scientific purposes, or in respect of industrial hemp, and only available to licence holders.

Under exceptional circumstances, it is possible to request a personal exemption to access hemp products from a legal foreign source if it is not available in Canada. An exemption would only be granted if it is deemed necessary for medical or scientific purposes, or is otherwise in the public interest. Exemption requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and may require more or less time, depending on the individual’s particular circumstances.

Requests for exemptions should be directed to the Legalization and Regulation Branch and must contain the following information: contact information (full name, address, phone number and email address) of the applicant and a detailed medical document, which must be issued from the patient’s health care provider (HCP).

This medical document must contain all of the following information:
• The HCP’s contact information (given name(s), surname, profession, business address, telephone number, province) and registration number
• The given name(s), surname, and date of birth of the patient
• The medical condition of the patient
• The name and details of the product that is being requested for the exemption (such as the supplier information, concentration, etc.)
• The quantity of the product prescribed by the HCP
• The period of use of the product, which must not exceed one year
• The HCP’s signature

Once you receive this document, please send us a copy and we’ll be able to process your order.