• Builds physiological stability
  • Functional ingredients for repairing imbalances
  • Neuroprotectants in every serving

Combining Nutritional Hemp Oil And Capsules Into A Holistic Healing Solution


Brain Body Nutrition Via 1-2 Punch To The ECS

We’ve partnered up with MediQI Energetics to offer you a long-term, sustainable health regime centered around an innovative hemp oil and herbal blend of supplementation made for daily wellness.

The daily steps (and intake) in this supplementation system enables our dysfunctional physiological patterns and programmed social responses to release and ultimately heal. When this is achieved, we can attain full satiety — especially at the cellular level. MediQI calls this “The Prime Effect.”


This phytocannabinoid nutrition package is formulated for full body-brain balance and core stability, a prime effect towards acquiring optimal health and well-being.

Why We Love It

Builds reserve energy
Neuroprotective benefits
Better physiological balance
Good introductory cannabidiol set
Ethically sourced
Purely extracted
Highly alkaline