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July 08, 2024 10 min read


The CBD success stories we’ve heard about Superior hemp oil have astounded us. Here are six people with chronic pain and/or a crippling disease who have experienced relief from this high-end CBD oil.

CBD is a plant compound that has shown to help withmental clarity,productivity,peace of mind, astronger immune system,pain relief, and so much more.The research supporting CBD’s many positive factors ispiling high, and a recent study shows thatpeople tend to drop their traditional medicine once they experience the benefits. It’s seemingly a veritable wonder ‘drug.’ Given the feedback we’ve heard firsthand,  the only thing that’s leaves you wondering about CBD hemp oil is the stupefying fact that the powers that be are trying to keep it from being readily available to the public.  

Whilemedical marijuana legality is still under question, CBD hemp oil from industrialized hemp is a safe,legal go-to. Unless of course, you ask the DEA. Cannabinoidal (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound found in both hemp and marijuana that is responsible for communicating with our ownendocannabinoid system, which in turn promotes many health benefits. All sorts of people with various ailments, from athletes to senior citizens, are reporting transformational CBD success stories.

The internet is flooded with CBD brands. But the quality and source of the herb, the extraction method used, and the bioavailability of the compound are somecrucial factors that affect the healing potential of your CBD. Many users have tried other brands and came back to Superior CBDagain for its unparalleled efficacy.

Let’s take a look at these six accounts from people, all across the USA, who are reporting CBDsuccess stories with Superior CBD.

Extreme Sports & Leviticus

Eric Lakey,Georgia, Chronic pain & kidney cancer.

Eric lived up his twenties riding dirt bikes, motorbikes, water skiing, skiing and engaging in other high-thrill sports. But, like many extreme sports enthusiasts, Eric got beat up — a lot. He injured his posterior knee on his right leg and had to go in for surgery and take painkillers for a short while. In his 30s, Eric suffered a compound fracture and broke the left ankle. A few years later he broke some ribs. With each injury, he took pain meds, but he never got addicted to them.

In his 40s, Eric started suffering from major back problems. He went in for an MRI, which showed he had seven bad disks from his neck down to his spine. A pain clinic performedRadiofrequency ablation on him, a procedure that involves burning his nerves. They also put him on extensive painkillers: four doses oforatab (opiates) which is hydrocodone and 10mg/500mg acetaminophen. He took this concoction for eight years straight before switching to four doses of hydrocodone bitartrate,  7.5mg 325mg acetaminophenper day. Such a heavy dose of opioids is often linked to negative side effects, such asOpioid-induced bowel dysfunction (OIBD), with all sorts of gastrointestinal issues.

The opiods enabled him to continue working as a commercial/industrial electrician, by managing the pain. But the more he went to the pain clinic, the more he got turned off by the people. “They  were just trying to make money, like the people who run the pharmaceuticals.” Eric could tell they didn’t really care about him and his well-being. Instead, he felt they were just trying to push the painkillers that the pharmaceuticals sold.

In November 2016, Eric decided he wanted to try to get off painkillers, while he was on a vacation. A friend got him a THC concentrate, which he vaped. “The THC helped with the opioid withdrawal symptoms, but not with the pain. That’s when I started doing research on CBD. I looked it up online and the first thing I found was Superior CBD Oil from HoneyColony. And I just had a sense I had to get that CBD — no other brand.”

He started taking Superior CBD this past February. Eric is now in his late 50s. The week before he received the delivery, Eric got the flu. A trip to the doctor revealed he had he had a four-centimeter tumor in one of his kidneys and the vein going into it was twice the size it should’ve been.

Eric’s not entirely sure what the full diagnosis of the tumor is, but he says, “It’s been a roller coaster, but honestly, CBD oil makes me feel fantastic. I don’t feel the kidney pain at all. I feel great.”

His joint and muscle pain also was severely reduced with the Superior CBD oil — so much so that he weaned himself down from four to only one and a half pills a day. He would take himself totally off it, but he’s trying to healthily cut back sincecoming off opioids too quickly might mess with hisserotonin levels.

Although it’s only been a short time since Eric’s began taking CBD, he’s reaping numerous health benefits. Eric started out with a morning dose of 10 drops of CBD a day, but now he takes 12-14 drops, three times a day. “In the past week, I noticed that a scar I had on my face from a motorcycle accident I’d had in my 20s has totally disappeared.”

The possibility of scars healing through CBD seemed strange, even to us. But Elizabeth Moriarty, Superior’s formulator, shed some light on the issue:

“Scar tissue is in essence fundamentally similar to fibrosis in its constitution, and there are studies aplenty showing that CBD reduces fibrosis. So, yes, I consider it possible (for CBD to heal scars). Research and discovery of the endocannabinoid system and its integrated influences and involvement in body systems are so very young. As much as we are seeing a new study every day, we are in the baby days of learning.”

Eric is taking small steps to improve his health in other ways, as well. He started eating according to the laws of the Old Testament, in Leviticus, and drinks nothing but water. “Everything on this earth is here to heal us. We have so much poison from all the toxins. I’m not where I should be with my health, but I’m a lot better than I was.”

War & Peace

Glenn, Army Retiree,MarylandDiabetes, anxiety, PTSD

Glenn, who spent the majority of his adult life serving asapilot and logistician in the U.S. Army, suffers from diabetes, edema in his extremities, anxiety, hypertension and high blood pressure — not to mention PTSD from combat deployments. “I had a challenge with stress and flare-ups with my kids and spouse. It usually happens around people I know, because I feel more comfortable to let out all the stress.” Glenn has a large family with several children and grandchildren, so his house is often very busy.

“I was about 50 when I retired from the military. I couldn’t complain while I was still active, but when I got off, I told them about my chronic conditions and they gave me all sorts of drugs. I was taking 5-7 drugs:  one for blood pressure, another for anxiety, another for diabetes, and more for edema, anxiety, etc. I took them for short while and felt they were just masking the issues and not really healing me. I expected the miracle cure from taking the right drugs but that’s not what they do.”

Glenn and his family only became aware of holistic alternatives when his wife decided to make their kitchen food-coloring free. “That afternoon we could see the difference in my daughter, a smart, lively girl who was diagnosed withADHD. So then, my wife took out all preservatives from the kitchen, and she started cooking own bread and all that. Then we got on the train with essential oils. Next, my wife decided to try 40 days of a sugar-free, gluten-free lifestyle, and she got rid of headaches, acne and other issues.”

That’s when Glenn started looking into CBD for his health issues. He said “to heck with all the pharmaceuticals” and put his bag of drugs under the sink.  “That’s when I started reading about Superior CBD. Superior CBD seemed like a real high-quality supplement, so I decided to give Superior a try, despite the fact there are many other vendors.

“I take 5-8 drops of CBD oil, and within no more than a few minutes I feel a lot more at ease with myself and others around me. I used to have to leave the room whenever my grandchildren were over because the extra commotion raised the ante and made me more anxious — and now i can put up with more anxiety and stress. I can actually enjoy the situation and the time with my family.

“It’s a natural cure. It has relieved my PTSD issues, swelling, and some of the diabetes effects I was suffering from. It puts me at ease, and it gives me a deep sense of peace.”

Pain Meds Be Gone

Daphne Herbst,Wisconsin, Chronic Back pain and loss of appetite

Daphne, a 70-year old retiree, has been suffering from chronic back pain for 15 years. Due to the pain, she lost her appetite. “It’sreally hard when you’re just looking at food and you want to eat it but you can’t. You’re losing weight and getting weak, but there is just nothing you can do.”

Daphne was on Fentanyl patches for her back, which is an opioid with side effects that included gastrointestinal issues, lightheadedness, dizziness, headaches, and more. Often, when she experiences acute pain, doctors put her on “breakthrough medication,” which is the application of an opioid, 5 to 20 percent of the dose patients usually take to manage their pain that goes to work quickly and lasts for a short period of time. “I was taking those things for so long that my body was just used to them.”

Faced with the reality that her meds no longer provided her with the relief, Daphne got her first delivery of Superior CBD in July 2017. “Originally I started with six drops, twice a day. Then, I switched to six drops, once a day. I noticed the same effect. It gave me an appetite, and it also gives me a sense of better well-being. With less pain and more energy from the food, I’m more productive.”

When Superior CBD oil wasn’t available for a few months due to thepolitics involving CBD, Daphne tried using another brand of CBD. “It wasn’t nearly effective. I was so happy I could start ordering again.”

Getting To the Land Of Zzzzzzs

Lisa Miller,California, Broken neck and open dislocation in her ankle

When Lisa was 19, she suffered a broken neck from a terrible car accident. She’s been suffering chronic neck pain ever since. What’s more, when she was in her 40s, Lisa dislocated her foot and currently has an open dislocation (a joint displacement accompanied by a break in the skin) in her ankle. “I wasn’t sleeping at all — the pain was so bad.” As a nurse, sleep-deprivation made long shifts in the hospital agonizing.

Two years ago, in her late 50s, Lisa heard about CBD oil from a friend. Lisa ordered Brown Botanical’s CBD. “I didn’t notice much of a difference in my symptoms with that CBD. So, after a while, I decided to look into something else.”

A friend told her about HoneyColony and how they are a trustworthy health site. So two years ago Lisa went online and started ordering Superior CBD. “I noticed a huge difference between it and the CBD I’d tried earlier. I like the fact that there are no additives and it’s very clean.”

Lisa has been taking 20 drops of Superior CBD in the morning, twice a day. “It’s been life-changing. It helps me sleep — I can sleep through the night now. It also helps ease my pain by relaxing and releasing my muscles. It also changes my mood, both energetically and emotionally. Sometimes i can get kind of anxious, and it really helps with that, too.

“I just went away for four days and forgot to take my CBD with me, and I did not sleep well at all.”

Chemo & Cancer

Beverly Schwarz, Chicago, Bladder cancer

In 2013, Beverly, a resilient 75-year old woman, was diagnosed with stage three bladder cancer. The doctors put her on a ton ofantibiotics, and didn’t give her much hope. “They put me on chemo for seven months — that’s a lot of chemo. After that, my bladder didn’t work anymore. But, I’m still around.”

Her daughter told Beverly about Superior CBD over a year ago. “It reallybuilds up your immune system. It makes you feel better and more energized. It also helps with the pain, and it calms me down a little bit.”

Since she’s been taking it, Beverly’s been very active. “The doctors saw me and said, ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing.’ They didn’t expect to still see me around.”

Beverly also takes turmeric and other holistic herbs. “I think HoneyColony has a really good product. When Superior CBD wasn’t around for a few months, I tried other CBD brands, but the healing effects just weren’t the same.”

An Enhanced Quality of Life

With 10X bio-availability and fast-absorption, Superior is continuing to report inspiring CBD success stories. Not only was it designed to help relieve many chronic conditions, but it also balances the nervous and musculoskeletal system. This special formulation synergizes hemp oil with other medicinal herbs used in ancient medicine.

Despite the fact it falls under all legal parameters for a safe drug, HoneyColony has been seeminglytargeted for selling it. Moriarty shared her thoughts on the politics of CBD:

“There are some very serious business challenges faced by companies that produce and sell hemp-derived CBD products. The public confusion about the legal status of these products is understandable, given the fact that both hemp and marijuana are cannabis species.  More significantly, perplexing statements and introduced legislation by politicians is likely due to a combination of befuddlement — in the face of many moving parts of a complex industry — and hidden political agendas.”

There’s a battle underway, between those who are committed to maintaining public access to hemp-derived CBD (as well as other minor cannabinoids) as a vital plant nutrient, and those who are equally committed to pharmaceuticalizing isolated compounds within the plant and gaining patent rights and exclusivity of access through the institutional medical complex.

Due to the political confusion surrounding the status of hemp-derived CBD, financial institutions are wary of involvement with companies that produce and sell CBD products — and perhaps, those invested in financial industries are also well-invested in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Selling CBD is a tough business, but Simply Transformative is dedicated to overcoming the challenges and getting Superior to those who need it.  Here’s to more CBD success stories! 

Maryam Henein
Maryam Henein